Home Care Breakthrough


Home Care Breakthrough: Awareness to Enrollment

Our targeted campaign for City Drugs Pharmacy revolutionized long-term care at home, illuminating the path for many to receive the support they deserved. By emphasizing the pharmacy's unique offerings, including bubble packing, nursing, and essential services tailored for long-term care patients, we crafted a compelling narrative. Our strategy was not just about spreading awareness but ensuring individuals realized they could access comprehensive care without leaving their homes.


01. Challenge

Many potential long-term care at-home patients were unaware of their eligibility for such services, including the specialized support City Drugs Pharmacy could offer.

02. Solution

Our solution was a carefully designed marketing campaign that highlighted the eligibility for long-term care at home and the array of services provided by City Drugs Pharmacy. We made sure our messaging covered the convenience and safety of bubble packing for medications, the availability of nursing care, and other essential services, making it clear how these could enhance the quality of life for at-home patients.

03. Results

The outcome was remarkable.The campaign led to a significant increase in applications, with many individuals getting approved for long-term care at home. Thanks to the awareness raised, City Drugs Pharmacy was able to extend its specialized services to a broader audience, transforming the lives of numerous patients by offering them a new level of care and comfort at home. This initiative not only drove the pharmacy's growth but also solidified its role as a pivotal provider of at-home care services.

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What Our Clients Say

Discovering Revealsite was a game-changer for us. Their personal touch and understanding of our needs led to a remarkable increase in our profits and community presence. Truly grateful for this partnership!

Adel Ibrahim

Pharmacy Owner

I'm genuinely impressed with Revealsite! They were always responsive when I needed them and delivered on every promise. Excited to see what we'll achieve together next!

Veronica Gore

Pharmacy Manager

I've been blown away by the team at Revealsite! Since we started using their services, our profits soared by over 30% in just a few months. Sure, the CVS across the street shut down, but it was Revealsite's magic touch that really helped getting new customers at this rate!

Bob Pavlan

Pharmacy Owner
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