Fully-Customized Website

Avoid the need of having a mobile application with our responsive website available for all screen shapes and sizes. We will implement a custom-built secure website to show all the services your pharmacy can provide. This website integrates with your pharmacy management system to help streamline requests, orders, and refills directly from patients. We will take care of everything from building your website to maintaining it and updating it as needed. We will stay connected with you through our 24/7 customer support to help keep your patients updated through the website. For effective communication with your patients, they will be able to email or fax you directly from your website with all of their requests.

Digital Marketing

Our numerous digital marketing services will lift the burden of marketing for your pharmacy and maximize your customer acquisition. Our experts will build and manage all of your social media content, start ad campaigns, and create customized graphics and videos just for you. Through our customizable search engine optimization, you will be able to appear to those searching for you online amidst all of the internet clutter. To help you measure how important is this service to your business, we provide metrics for reachability and accessibility of our ads.

For our client who are just starting their pharmacy, we provide a kick-starter service which will provide a full branding of the pharmacy with the visual identity you look for as well as all digital marketing necessities. We take care of your digital business so that you focus on running your physical business.

Hosting and System Monitoring

We know how important it is for patients to get their medications in time. That’s why we host your website in a unique way that will guarantee 100% uptime with absolutely no interruption to your system. Our approach in hosting is to have your website deployed to three different cloud servers located in three different availability zones across the US.We also have monitoring systems that tracks malicious activities and traffic volumes coming into your website to ensure there is always enough resources to serve all your patients at any time of the year.

Content Modification

Reveal Site believe that their customers are the only and true owner of their websites. Although we are always available and happy to help, we also offer you a fully-modifiable website to help making the process of updating your website easy and efficient. Your website is delivered with an admin page that is only accessible by users with granted-access. Through the admin page, a user can easily choose a page and start modifying its contents. Examples of contents that are modifiable are prices, products, images, text, videos, locations, phone numbers, announcements, and more.

Online Drug store

As we care to refine the digital twin of your pharmacy, we will move your whole merchandise online for easier access to patients. We provide a range of services from offering your pharmacy’s merchandise on all delivery platforms to building your own ecommerce website for patients to access what they’re looking for. This will increase your pharmacy's accessibility while minimizing in-person time with your patients. In addition, you will have the ability to update and modify your online store's products either through our content modification management system, or by directly reaching out to us.

Reporting and Tracking

To know how much value we bring to your business, we offer reporting and tracking options for all of our services. We will allow you to track your website's visits and patients' interactions. This will help you understand your clients' personas more and learn more about what they’re looking for. In addition, we also track all of your ad campaigns alongside all of your created social media contents. Moreover, we will be able to report back to you how many times your business has appeared on search results. This will enable us to understand what we can do better to attract more clients and maximize your business growth.

Fulfilling your Pharmacy's Needs

Through our pharmacy-targeted services, we will serve all of your needs through our weekly support time. We will make sure that we are always on top of your tasks to grow your business and reach more customers. We don’t just build websites, we build your digital pharmacy.